Ghost Story Collection: The Shadow Lady

The Shadow Lady

As Told By: Janie Bratton

An interesting topic has arisen of late years. It is a kin to those tales about ghosts, faeries elves and aliens. Now, I won’t tell you exactly what it may be, because there may be several things that it could be. If you have seen those dark, human-like forms at night, or during those in-between times, then you may have caught a glimpse of the Shadow People. They are as illusive as things that go bump in the night. I grew up in a very big old house along a very shady street in Carthage, Missouri across from a funeral home. People who had visited and stayed all night in the house claimed that it was slightly haunted. People had seen figures upon the stairs, and heard loud crashes and bangs coming from the kitchen and basement for many years. My first big experience was when I saw a figure running up the staircase one evening at twilight. As I was sitting in the living room one January evening, I thought that someone had entered the house through a side door. As I looked up from the living room to the staircase, I saw a form of someone running up the stairs! This startled the both of us and I let out an ear busting shriek! She stopped running and turned to stare at me with only empty black spaces for eyes, as if she had been taken by surprise too! She had a very dark, human-like form, but what I remember about her were those eyes, which resembled two burnt holes in a blanket. The phantom also appeared to have very long and flowing dark hair. Those few seconds felt like a few hours. I was frozen in time or in no time! She was starring at me and I was starring at her. Then the encounter ended almost as fast as it had began. The specter turned away from my gaze and finished her flight up the stairs. Since that experience, so very long ago, I have seen several shadow people in my home and in other situations that were also experienced by members of my own family. I always listen to any talk show which I just happen to catch to hear what others may have experienced. One thing that I believe about them is that they are experiencing their world sort of parallel to our own. Never have I heard of someone being hurt by them, unless fright could be classified as “hurt”. So, when you come upon a shadow person, keep in mind that you could have been the one to scare the beejebees out of them! Enjoy those shadowy between times!


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