Ghost Story Collection: The Girl In The Attic

The Girl In The Attic

By: Sara Brown

Ever since I was very young, I have always known that I have had an active doppelganger. I have a few stories about times where my doppelganger has been encountered by others. There are even times where it could have been credited with having saved my life. This story is of one of those times.

My grandfather used to live in a beautiful Victorian home in Carthage, Missouri, on Garrison street, across from a funeral home. Quite often I would be left with my grandfather while my mom would work and run errands. I even had my own bedroom upstairs, however, I never ever went upstairs at night unless it was bedtime and an adult went up there with me. I usually would end up passed out on the sofa downstairs in the living room while watching animal documentaries.

On this particular night, my mom and older brother had decided to go for a walk to grab some coffee and had left me with my grandfather at the huge dining room table in the dining room with magazines and coloring books to scribble in. They were gone for a little over an hour before they decided to come back. The walk home took about five minutes. They were in front of the house and coming up the walkway, when my mom’s attention was caught by a light shining through the attic window, all the way at the top. It wasn’t the light that made their blood run cold; up in the window, they saw me in my nightgown waving down at them. “What is Sara doing up in the attic? She could get hurt up there!”, they thought. Knowing my grandfather as well as they did, he would have no reason to be in the attic, and at that hour. It was a lengthy task just for him to get up the stairs to the second floor and he relied greatly on his cane when he walked anywhere . Panicked, my mom and brother ran inside the house, hoping the few steps to the porch all at once. They burst through the door and into the dining room, only to see me sitting on my grandfather’s knee, coloring and still wearing my day clothes. “We just saw Sara up in the attic! What was she doing up there!” Mom demanded. My grandfather just looked at her with a very perplexed expression. “What are you talking about?” He asked her, ” I would never let her go up in the attic by herself! She’s five! We’ve been sitting here at the table, same as when you left!” They talked about it some more and my mom knew she believed him.  The time it took for them to see me in the window, only to sprint into the house to see me sitting in the living room, would not have not allowed me time to get from the attic to downstairs. After tucking me in, my mom and brother went up to the attic to find the light still on. This was a mystery in itself because they only ever went up to the attic to store things,  as that’s what the attic was used for. They usually only ever went up there during the day, and with all the attic windows that allowed daylight in, there was rarely ever a reason to turn the light on.

A little over a week later. My mom, brother, and stepfather were up in the attic, going through some things that had been stored up there, to find something they needed. I was also up there with them, running around and playing. At one point, I was at the exact same window they had seen me in a week before. They had it open to let some dust out and some air in. For some reason that little kids do the things that little kids do, I pressed my nose and face into the screen. The screen ended up coming loose and I almost toppled out of it and down to my death on the paved walkway below. Luckily, my brother was nearby and was able to react quickly enough to grab me and pull me in.

After that incident, we now believe it was a spirit warning my mom and brother about what might happen. Was the girl in the window a ghost of the house herself ? Was she a spirit guide? All I know is that I’m glad that she had decided to help me.


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