Ghost Story Collection: The Medium

The Medium
As Told By: Janie Bratton

Sometime, around 1989, I began to experience some strange occurrences. Keep in mind, I was a skeptic when it came to UFOs, but gave people who told me that they had seen them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they had misinterpreted what they saw or it may have been something other than a UFO…in the sense of visitors from another world. Nonetheless, it was an interesting subject like any other that might spark one’s wonderment about this amazing planet that we live on.
One balmy October evening, I was alone at my home just outside a rural small town in Kansas, just looking at the stars, which were particularly bright that night. A few days before, there had been a spot on a TV station about some young boys who had seen some “UFOs” in their country in eastern Europe. This had sparked my interest a bit, so I said to myself, and to the universe, that I would like to see some fly right over my house! Little did I know, my request would actually be granted.
I was walking around in the yard, enjoying the pleasant weather, when I looked up into the sky and saw a large, orange-red light drifting over the treetops. It made no sound at all, but I did not feel afraid. It was as if it was looking below and around itself…exploring the terrain. I wondered at first if it was a weather balloon. As it neared closer to me, I felt that it had finally seen me standing there in my driveway. It suddenly accelerated it’s speed and swept over my head, gone within three seconds! There were several other red lights up in the night sky around my house. Two swept over my head at a low level and shot off at a tremendous speed. I ran inside to call friends. Maybe they were seeing this too! The next couple of days, this topic appeared on one local TV station, and none of the authorities seemed to know what these were. After talking with several people in the community, they informed me that they had seen them in the area at various times. Sometimes they flew in formation and sometimes alone. They could be several feet in diameter, or the size of a basketball. Then circumstances led me into a meeting with a lady who claimed to be a medium. She was a very private individual; not taking money for what she did, nor wanting any undue attention. One evening, my idea was confirmed that the universe is much larger than we may think. My father and I attended a gathering, where I met up with the “medium” and met her husband. We then went outside to meet her friends. The night was dark, only stars shown in the night sky. We were told that we would see “them” in the sky. I thought, “Oh sure, whatever you say!”, but I was game for the experience. Suddenly a huge cylinder lit up in the northern sky. It was lined with lights and hung quietly in the night sky. All present saw it. After a short time, it shot upward with a loud booming sound! My Dad yelled, “Look at that sucker go!” My mouth flew open, as to catch flies, and my eyes must have been very large indeed! I could not move for awhile, but then I was able to collect myself. In the newspaper the next Monday, there was an article that said a sonic boom had been heard in 5 states that same evening. Not a single authority or agency seemed to know what it was. I have personally come to believe that our earth mother is populated with many forms of life and intelligences, all of them linked together in wonderful, intricate and strange ways.


One thought on “Ghost Story Collection: The Medium

  1. Thank you Sara for this story., There is a great need to get the info out there for others who have also been “visited”. We have witnessed things that have given us a bit more meaning to our lives.


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